Germany’s first Mobile Maintenance System

23. Dezember 2022

On 19th December 2022, Manuela Ruhland, Company Secretary of Robel Holding GmbH and Head of Business Development, handed over a Mobile Maintenance System to Dr. Volker Hentschel, Chairman of Plant and Maintenance Management of DB Netz AG, in Duisburg.

The three-part “Fahrbahninstandhaltungszug” (FIZ) consists of a traction and supply unit with crew room, toilet facilities and workshop, an intermediate car for storage, loading and unloading of material and machines as well as an open-floor maintenance unit with two high-performance cranes and extending side walls. The train transports the crew and all work materials to the worksite. At the push of a button, the worksite is illuminated, set up and fully secured. All maintenance work is carried out in one pass inside the system with the crew fully protected.

Manuela Ruhland: “The maintenance train changes work processes, increases efficiency and saves costs. However, despite all the economic efficiency, one aspect is of particular importance to us: This train was built for people, for a safe and ergonomic working environment on the track. Therefore, we are really pleased that mobile maintenance is now also in action on the German railway track.”

Dr. Volker Hentschel: “The FIZ gives us the opportunity to provide a modern and safe working environment on the track. This not only has a positive effect on productivity but also on the higher motivation of our staff. We will start trialling the train in the Cologne area first.”

From 2023, DB Netz will use the engineering train for closure rail replacement, switch inspection and replacement as well as track antenna inspection and build-up welding work. It is planned to extend the deployment of the train to other regions.

About the ROMIS System

Mobile Maintenance System in Europe and Asia
Since its first approval for the Austrian Railways ÖBB in 2003, Robel’s Mobile Maintenance System (ROMIS) has been deployed for national railways and infrastructure managers in Austria, Switzerland, Norway, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Belgium, Sweden and Japan. With the DB Netz contract, Robel with its headquarters in Freilassing in Bavaria has supplied its first vehicle system to the domestic market.

The Mobile Maintenance System for DB Netz consists of traction and supply unit, intermediate car for material storage and the open-floor maintenance unit.
Handover of Robel’s engineering train to DB Netz, Duisburg works: from left Hannes Schildbeck, Manuela Ruhland (both Robel), Timo Eschtruth, Rainer Zimmermann, Dr. Volker Hentschel (all DB Netz AG)